A roundhouse kick, BAM, right in the face. Good morning my dear son. I take a look at my Iphone, darn we´ve overslept. I put on some makeup, kill a silverfish and get dressed (all at the same time). Mr President (my son) is screaming for pancakes, I scream for coffee. 30 minuts later Mr President is hanging with his friends at daycare and I´m on my way to my studio. 

I swipe some toothpaste away from my cheek while I´m opening the studio door. Coffee. Lots of coffee. I sink down in my Herman Miller chair (I’m addicted to furniture design) and start sorting photos. Bon Iver is singing in the background about Skinny Love and I just feel like the happiest photographer on earth. 


I was born in Sweden

I moved to Pakistan (long story)

I now live in Stockholm

I have a hunky husband, a hyperactive life, and a neurotic reindeer at my backyard

I travel everywhere for love (and for champagne)

I think that me time is going to the bathroom without my kid

I love my bathroom, and my kid, in different ways

I also like weddings but I love love

I used to hunt criminals but now I hunt natural light

I am actually not a small pig, surprise


WAY UP NORTH- Come and listen. I’m one of the speakers at Way Up North (Europe’s Wedding Photography Conference) in Stockholm October 10 & 11 2017.

THE HEART & BUSINESS RETREAT- A new “workshop” for photographers with kids. Think relaxation, conversation and business.  I call it, The Heart & Business Retreat. 4 nights and 3 full days of learning and shooting in a beautiful, unspoiled part of Italy. Accommodation and all meals included. Interested? Send me an email.


    “OMG!!!! ANNA!!! THESE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING!! and I went through them really fast, because I was so exited!! I will need an hour or two to process this! You are an AMAZING photographer! I just can´t believe this!! Omy! And like you can probably see form the photos, I had so much fun during the day!! I don´t know how to thank you for this! This is way, way more than what I was expecting!!”

    / Hafii and Unnsteinn


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    If you prefer seeing me IRL, drop by my Studio- Bryggavägen 131E